Mozilla Clubs

Our clubs are all unique with the same objective: empower young women and girls to be able to empower themselves through tech.

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Sethu Matanga


Sethu’s club is the Phoenix club. It is located in Khayelitsha- Thembelihle High school. The Phoenix is a  legendary bird that is know for rising from the ashes. It is a spectacular and a remarkable Sethu Believes that everyone is unique and remarkable in their own way just like the Phoenix. In joining this club the girls will become more knowledgeable and improve their web skills.

Thandaza Nxele


Thandaza’s club is the Dynamite Club. Her club is located in Khayelitsha- Bulumko High school. Dynamite can be defined as an explosive consisting of powerful chemicals, but on this manner it is about having a spectacular effect on someone. Thandaza believes that she will bring change to the mentees, and the mentees will bring change to her life as well.

Zaytoon Abrahams

flaming foxes.jpg

Zaytoon’s club is the Flaming Foxes Club. This captain’s club is located in Bishop Lavis- Bishop Lavis Secondary school.  Flaming Foxes is derived from Firefox Mozilla, as it is the imitator of this project and our clubs. This club aims at assisting pupils in gaining skills that will allow them to have great opportunities, and to enable them to empower others. Along with this, Flaming Foxes intends on having fun and excitement.

Pozisa Lucia Manisi


Pozisa’s club is the Inkwenkwezi Club. This club captain’s club is located in Crossroads – Dr Nelson Mandela Secondary school.

The name of the group was derived from a Xhosa word inkwenkwezi, that when translated to English means a star. I named the program inkwenkwezi because in my eyes all the grade 9 learners I will be facilitating are like stars to me. One of the most significant things about a star is that when it still young it is deem. However, when it has fully grown it becomes strong and provides more light.
The aim of this club is to reach out to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and give them hope. It is to help them see the bigger picture. The club also aims to rekindle the youngsters to desire to dream big. Even though the aim is primarily to up skill them in terms of ICT skills, we will find ways to make the project to have life. That means the purpose of the club is to share who I am with the kids.

Chante Jansen










Chante’s club is the Kika Club. This club captain’s club is located in Khayelitsha- Uxlolo Secondary High School. The word Kika can be derived from the urban dictionary meaning “cool”, “awesome” or “kickass”. This club aims to enable students with ICT skills to be used in their daily lives for their benefit. At the end Chante believes the young ladies would have a sense of pride and feeling of “awesomeness” for having the ability to do things they never thought they would. The Kika Club will be beyond learning, it will entail cool and enjoyable times.

As Mozilla Club Captains, our pledge is to:

  • Educate young girls how to read, write and participate on the Web using inclusive and participatory methods in safe and welcoming spaces.

  • Empower learners through authentic making, reflective learning, and meaningful action with and on the Web.

  • Commit to the mission of universal web literacy.

  • Share my club’s experience with Mozilla Learning Networks through participation in regular calls and discussion forums.