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Welcome to our Cape Town Future Tech clubs network. The University of the Western Cape (UWC) is home to some of the South Africa Future Tech clubs formerly known as Mozilla clubs. The clubs were founded with Mozilla foundation, UN Women and Peo Ya Phetogo (PYP) working with  Dr Mmaki Jantjies at the University of the Western Cape who was the regional coordinator for South African based Mozilla and UN Women girls clubs.

The clubs which are student led, can be run at any higher learning institution and are aimed at ensuring digital literacy among various South African communities. At UWC, each club is led by young pioneering leaders who are graduates in Information Systems from UWC. Each week, these graduates teach basic digital literacy skills while also enabling a fun peer learning space for young girls and boys in different high schools situated in townships surrounding Cape Town. Below is a list of our Cape Town alumni club leaders:

Club Leaders 2016 

  • Sethu Matanga – Manager of club Phoenix
  • Chante Jansen – Manager of club Kika
  • Pozisa Lucia Manisi – Manager of club Inkwenkwezi
  • Zaytoon Abrahams – Manager of club Flaming Foxes
  • Thandaza Nxele – Manager of club Dynamite
  • Luke Zuze  who was responsible for the teams project coordination

For more information on the class of 2016 leaders activities click here.

Club Leaders 2017 

  • “Team Thoko” – Bulumko Secondary School
  • “Team Siba” – Ikamvalethu Secondary School
  • “Team J Laura” – Perseverance Secondary School
  • “Team SK” – Intshukumo Secondary School
  • “Tean X” – Langa High School
  •  “Team Dawi” – Intsebenziswano Secondary School –
  • Emihle Skoti  who was responsible for the teams project coordination

For more information on the class of 2017 club leaders activities click here

Through our partnership with organisations such as PYP we aim to provide a safe space where young South African women and men can actively learn how to code the Internet, and how to contribute to shaping the World Wide Web.

What are our Future Tech clubs all about?

Mozilla and UN Women partnered to provide women with universal web literacy allowing them to become consumers, contributors and participants on the World Wide Web. Working with Dr Jantjies and the South African PYP foundation, we expanded our clubs to include girls only and co-ed clubs. Our clubs are led by club captains who essentially plan club activities for club members to learn about the Internet, being able to read, write and participate on the web. The club members can be anyone in the community.

At UWC we run and support up to 5 Clubs in high schools mostly based in townships around Cape Town. These clubs are a safe space for young females, empowering them with ICT skills, how to be safe when on the Internet social media, leadership skills and enabling them to make use of the web for their own betterment, and that of others. The clubs typically consist of 15 members and 1 club captain.

If you are interested in joining any of our clubs or becoming part of our community you can write to the individual club captains or write to us on futuretechclubs@gmail.com

You came come by at any time to our site to see our journey in different clubs.


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