Teaching the Web made Fun!

Teaching the Web at Club Inkwenkwezi

                                                      Created by Pozisa “Pozie” Manisi


Teaching the web at Dr. N.R Mandela high school (i.e. where Club Inkwenkwezi is originated) has been a great experience. Credit goes to the wonderful group of 15 grade 9 learners, who make up club Inkwenkwezi. Their willingness and eager to learn has made it a breeze to teach them the web.

Club Inkwenkwezi has been one of the fortunate groups to get a visit from Every1 Mobile ladies. The ladies visited the club to teach web literacy skills through My Mozilla Club website. The visit was on the 9th September 2016.

My Mozilla Club Website Experience

Teaching the web through My Mozilla club website was fun!

Young people always enjoy everything that involves enabling them to use modern devices for learning. It gives them an opportunity to learn in a manner that is more flexible and relaxed as compared to traditional face-to-face settings, where they are only seen as recipients of information.

The Every1 Mobile ladies when teaching the web, engaged with the learners. They gave the learners autonomy, in their learning process. This made it possible for the learners to come out of their comfort zone. It gave them freedom to learn freely and enabled them to assist their peers who were struggling.

Club Inkwenkwezi was afforded the opportunity to learn web literacy skills, ranging from searching, connecting on the web, web protection, and web contribution. Prior to commencing with the session for that day, the learners were expected to type the URL code, which was going to lend them on the My Mozilla club website. This was fascinating, because it taught them important things, such as ensuring that all letters and characters of a URL code were typed correctly, in order for one to lend to a correct page. For some learners, typing the URL code correctly was like ‘a walk in the park’. Those who managed to finish quickly, assisted their peers to type the URL code correctly.

Learners typing the direct link of My Mozilla club website

The next step, required the learners to register on the website. During this activity there were some learners who struggled to register, due to not having valid email addresses. In such cases the learners were allowed to work in pairs, that is, using one device to do the expected activities. Learners were taught how to create an online profile through My Mozilla club website. This involved them learning how to upload a picture through the website.


Furthermore, the learners were also introduced to an activity, that enabled them to contribute on the web. They had to write their thoughts on certain topics, such as cyber-bullying. The activity enabled the learners to gain some insight on what cyber-bullying is and how it affects them as young people living in the digital age. It also aided them to gain information on how to remain safe when engaging in online platforms.

Overall, the learners and their club captain, “Pozie”, were excited by the visit. The visit helped the club to cover a handful of web literacy skills, which was a great benefit for club. In future, the club captain is hoping to use the My Mozilla club website, to further enhance, the skills of the young ladies in club Inkwenkwezi.

Kudos! and many thanks to the Every1 Mobile ladies, Sellina and Kuye, their visit was highly appreciated. Like the young ladies have said “we would like to have you again, at club Inkwenkwezi, whenever possible”. Importantly, many thanks to the regional captain, Dr. Mmaki Jantjies, without her, this network would have never been possible!

From left: Pozie-club Inkwenkwezi captain, Dr. Mmaki Jantjies-Regional captain, Kuye- From Every1 Mobile  and Sellina-From Every1 Mobile

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