Club Inkwenkwezi Journey

Blog post by Pozisa “Pozie” Manisi

It is always an honor to give back to a community that has contributed towards your development as a person. That is how it feels to work at Dr N.R Mandela high school, as Mozilla club Inkwenkwezi mentor, Pozisa “Pozie” Manisi.


It is exciting to work in an environment where people are receptive and are willing to cooperate and make the project work. That is how the journey has begun with the school (Dr N.R Mandela High School). The principal, teachers and the kids have thus far made the project to be an amazing one! And I am thankful for that.


From Left. Thandaza & Pozie

It has only been two sessions, and I have observed growth in some of the learners who are part of the club. In the second session I was blessed to have one of the club mentors, Thandaza Nxele to assist me in our session. It was awesome to work with her, I actually realized she made the work a bit lighter, especially when it comes to the process of helping the kids to open email accounts.

Their excitement and zeal is still burning, and the goal is to ensure that the fire remains burning. I have great plans for the club, and my main aim is to ensure that after the sessions are completed for the year 2016, they should at least have digital skills that they can apply in their daily lives. My plan is to also ensure that after year 2016, the 15 girls should have been developed enough to be Mozilla Club Inkwenkwezi ambassadors from Dr N.R Mandela High School.

This is indeed just the beginning of great things that are yet to come. Mozilla club Inkwenkwezi is here to stay, and will become bigger and better while changing lives of many young women from township.

One can view reports about Mozilla club Inkwenkwezi at Mozilla Clubs Reports


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